Fage Yogurt

My friend Susan introduced me to Fage 0% Yogurt. I'm not real crazy about yogurt but I like this one. I'm eating it for breakfast now. I'm off now to watch an afternoon news conference on my new friend curiosity. Until later here is my Fage yogurt.

Fage yogurt

Fat Burner for Men

Rated the number one Best in Class Fat Burner by Jeff Everson's Planet Muscle magazine, the company's ads claim, "The High-Performance MX-LS7 is perfect for men who want an extreme thermogenic that delivers maximum intensity and strips away fat, fast". Starting with the core from the original clinically researched Lean System 7 formula, the company who manufactures MX-LS7, iSatori, claims to have seriously amped up the intensity and thermogenic impact using the most powerful, cutting-edge ingredients known to science in order to create MX-LS7. A company representative, Shawn Wingate, noted "MX-LS7 is the only formula to contain Rapid Bio-Diffusion Delivery Technology™, so it starts working from the very first dose to eliminate stubborn bodyfat, fast. So, MX-LS7 is ideal for guys who want all the perks that come with chiseled, granite-like abs". According to users who've tried it, they claim nothing is stronger, and nothing works faster.

Essie Nail Polish

Could it be... that Essie nail polish is the most long wearing for natural nails? Let me begin! Over the last few weeks I have tried (and often failed) to find a nail polish that will last more than 2 days without chipping. Whereas acrylic nails can keep a nail polish chip free for weeks, natural nails put them to a truer test. It is probably a good thing I am sans-false nails for blog purposes, I can road-test polish more accurately, but it is also a royal pain the arse. My process is always the same, base coat, 1-2 light coats of polish and Seche Vite, but it's amazing how quickly some fail. Chanel? 1 day and the chips start emerging; Color Club? Within a day; Barry M? Pretty good, 2-3 days; OPI? Maybe 2 days. But the best so far? Essie. I am really becoming an Essie lover. They don't always get the opacity right on the shades but these polishes are the most reliable in the longevity stakes. So far, so good. Here is Merino Cool, day 3. Going strong! Sign me up for more Essie polishes in the future. I would be interested to find out if anyone else has found this? Or what your most hard-wearing nail polish is...

Essie nail polish

Advanced Metabolic Support

The fat-burner supplement by Ultimate Fat Burner (the web's premier source for online reviews of weight-loss supplements), claims thefollowing, "Lean System 7 has been used successfully by over one-million people since its introduction over five years ago". A company spokesperson comments, "Lean System 7 is perfect for men and women who are trying to lose the last 10 to 20 lbs from those stubborn trouble spots like the hips, waist, and thighs". The company's website reads, "Lean System 7 contains a patented form of 7-Keto, a substance naturally produced in our bodies that declines with age and is the primary reason our metabolisms slow down. Lean System 7 was proven in a recent scientific study to safely increase your metabolism, and as a result, turn back the clock to more youthful, active metabolism to finally shed those unwanted pounds".

Rose Hip-Therapy at Home

The rose hip is actually the fruit of the rose plant. It can be used to make wine, marmalade, bread or even pies, jelly and syrup. Rose hip wine is among the best wine because of the rosehip fruit which is fermented into syrup. Some species are grown for their ornamental value. This plant is used to treat some rodent species,as chinchillas or guinea pigs which cannot produce their own vitamin C. Horses also love rose hip.An old belief says that rose hip’s roots can cure dog bite. This plant’s benefits were appreciated by Ancient Chinese, Greeks, Persians and Romans but it first appeared around the mountains of Iran and Himalaya’s region. Rose hip can be blended with hibiscus. This plant has a rich content of vitamin A and B and essential fatty acids. It contains also calcium and magnesium. It’s very useful if you want to treat rheumatoid arthritis and also helps us to prevent cold and influenza. Rosehip can protect our body from the effects of stress and environment. If you choose to drink iced rose hip tea during the summer, you will get energy and you will feel less dizzy and your headaches will disappear. Problems with your stomach? Rose hip is the answer. It fights with stomach spasms, stomach acid deficiency and defends you from intestinal diseases. Rose hip is a real friend if you want to lose weight or if you have high blood pressure. Drinking rose hip tea will help you keep your body toxins-free and the cholesterol will be under control. This plant will also help you to have healthier bones. As a golden rule: your gingivitis and other mouth viruses can be treated using this tea as a gargle. Please say "welcome" in your life to the rose hip when you have problems with urinary tract infections or when you need aid to prevent kidney stones. 
Rose therapy
Its fruit is also a mild diuretic and laxative. Menstrual problems can be also solved by rose hip. Processing and drying of this plant destroys almost its entire vitamin C quantity. We can use this plant in cosmetic preparations because it rose hip is able to regenerate new skin cells and can also treat scars, acne and burns. This plant will also cure your fragile, broken hair. Rose hip oil it’s quickly absorbed by the skin and prevents problems of dehydration that our skin can have and wrinkle formation. This oil is obtained through a cold pressing process of rosehip seeds. We all know that women can face with the problem of hyper-pigmentation of the cheeks during pregnancy and that’s the moment when rosehip helps us again using its oil. Still, pregnant women should be cautious when they use rose hip because of all hormonal modifications that exist in this period and, of course, during the breastfeeding period. There are also other situations which require attention when you want to use rose hip. For example, if you mix rose hip supplements with certain medications as blood-thinning or anti-inflammatory agents, you might have health problems. This plant can several allergy symptoms as skin rashes, inflammation of throat or tongue, even inhaling and exhaling difficulty. Rose hip is a wonder of nature! Other fantastic wonders of nature can be found on our website, a company offering translation and linguistic validation services. With a background of more than 10 years we are highly experienced in what we do.