Advanced Metabolic Support

The fat-burner supplement by Ultimate Fat Burner (the web's premier source for online reviews of weight-loss supplements), claims thefollowing, "Lean System 7 has been used successfully by over one-million people since its introduction over five years ago". A company spokesperson comments, "Lean System 7 is perfect for men and women who are trying to lose the last 10 to 20 lbs from those stubborn trouble spots like the hips, waist, and thighs". The company's website reads, "Lean System 7 contains a patented form of 7-Keto, a substance naturally produced in our bodies that declines with age and is the primary reason our metabolisms slow down. Lean System 7 was proven in a recent scientific study to safely increase your metabolism, and as a result, turn back the clock to more youthful, active metabolism to finally shed those unwanted pounds".

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