Fage Yogurt

My friend Susan introduced me to Fage 0% Yogurt. I'm not real crazy about yogurt but I like this one. I'm eating it for breakfast now. I'm off now to watch an afternoon news conference on my new friend curiosity. Until later here is my Fage yogurt.

Fage yogurt

Fat Burner for Men

Rated the number one Best in Class Fat Burner by Jeff Everson's Planet Muscle magazine, the company's ads claim, "The High-Performance MX-LS7 is perfect for men who want an extreme thermogenic that delivers maximum intensity and strips away fat, fast". Starting with the core from the original clinically researched Lean System 7 formula, the company who manufactures MX-LS7, iSatori, claims to have seriously amped up the intensity and thermogenic impact using the most powerful, cutting-edge ingredients known to science in order to create MX-LS7. A company representative, Shawn Wingate, noted "MX-LS7 is the only formula to contain Rapid Bio-Diffusion Delivery Technology™, so it starts working from the very first dose to eliminate stubborn bodyfat, fast. So, MX-LS7 is ideal for guys who want all the perks that come with chiseled, granite-like abs". According to users who've tried it, they claim nothing is stronger, and nothing works faster.