How Not to Lose Weight

There are definitely some healthy and many unhealthy ways to lose weight. Don't get caught up in fad diets with claims that sound way out of proportion to a normal healthy way to take off those extra pounds. When you lose weight you want to end up looking better and feeling better not worse. There is a lot of controversy about healthy ways to lose weight. Everybody would have you believe that their way is the best way. If you are serious about losing weight the sensible way so that you sustain your weight loss for years to come then it is worth dispelling some of the myths that surround the weight loss industry and the fitness industry. If you see a diet saying you will lose weight in 7 days, the truth of the matter is, yes you may well lose weight in 7 days, but only 2 lb of any weight lost will be fat. Any other weight lost during the 7 days will be either water, muscle or both. You will come across many thoughts and ideas about how to lose weight and some of them are distinctly unhealthy and will not only cause health problems but may also cause you to gain weight. Here are some examples. A fad diet, found on Google, such as the Hollywood Cookie diet, Juice fasting or the Grapefruit diet and follow it for a week. At best you will lose 5/6 lbs that will go straight back on the minute you return to normal eating, at worst you will feel really ill, possibly light headed or headaches as your body tries to adjust to this unhealthy regime.
Don't try to lose weight this way. A daily visit to the gym doing bench presses or dead lifting double your body weight followed by 100 abdominal crunches. We now know that abdominal crunches are not the way to creating a six pack and great care needs to be taken when under taking a fitness regime to ensure you are not doing your body more harm than good. Eat no more than three times a day and do not eat after 6 p.m. Do not eat real food. Eating smaller meals more often is thought to be the way forward and protein bars are foremergencies only. Nothing can replace real food as this is what the body recognises. Dramatically reduce your calorie intake. Low calorie diets are now thought to be dangerous and cause the body to go into adrenal stress. This will not help you to lose weight and may even cause you to gain weight. Do not eat breakfast. Have two cups of coffee and a low-fat muffin. High carbohydrate breakfast and stimulant drinks such as coffee will play havoc with your metabolism and give you a very bad start to the day whether you are on a weight loss diet or not. Also your low fat muffin may well contain hydrogenated fat which is very bad for your health. Take diet pills. This is an absolute No, avoid at all costs. Weight loss is in fact an intricate science, it follows the science of how the body works. If you do not follow this correctly, most probably you will not maintain your weight in the future.