Balance your Body Ph

Denial of the alkaline principle opens the body to all manner of physical decay, but any change you make to your body can also produce unfavorable reactions on it's way to cleansing. Through changing your diet to more alkaline-forming foods and supplements, tissue acid wastes begin to mobilize toward the bloodstream and lymphatic elimination channels. Therefore, whatever was stored in the tissues, be it drugs or 38 gallons of soft drinks, the national yearly consumption per person, these will be dumped into the general circulation for removal. This result is increased body ph, and is called the healing process. On the way to cleansing your body, symptoms like hot and cold fluctuations may indicate to you there is a fever somewhere in the body, although it may not register with a thermometer. When a fever surfaces, this is an indication that waste products are liquefying and on the move.

Included with the fever reaction, the symptoms of sweating or nausea and body aching may appear. This is your body simply being purged of acid wastes. Although everyone's length of healing varies, many experienced that the heavier healing processes usually occur first and can last anywhere from 1 to 10 days. It's all dependant on how acid-laden you are, how strong your system is before you start and how determined you are to change. The idea is to not quit the cleansing process no matter how hard it seems, there is an end. The stronger is the constitution, the more intense the healing process manifests. In other words, strong systems heal faster. Another symptom to take note of is that when the healing process starts, it's highly probable that any virus going around will manifest in your body. Since viruses love acid and feed on their residues, they find a temporary food source since your body is working hard at kicking out stored tissue acid wastes into the blood and lymph, viruses may surface.
What is a major difference between what your viral infection is, than say your neighbor is that your neighbor, when he contracts a virus will often ingest an acid-forming suppressive and drink more acid-forming drinks such as juice and pop to help alleviate the virus symptoms. Little ends up being ac­complished toward building up his alkaline reserve or strengthening his immune system. Here's the difference. You are gaining alkalinity and the virus in your system that has come from cleansing is in fact ex­pediting the tissue acid wastes more rapidly. Your immune system will end up stronger and more acid-free after this purging. Every body desires health and is genetically programmed for it. It does not seek to wither at age 50, there are countless records of individuals living 150 years or longer. The only way to assist the body in its inherent wish to heal is by obeying the laws of diet and alkalinity in order to live a healthier life.